SG saves Senior Walk

When the 2010 football schedule was released, most UM seniors were disappointed and worried because they would miss their last home football game. The Canes will be playing their last home game Thanksgiving weekend, a time many students head home to spend time with their families. But Student Government’s Category Five, in conjunction with their initiative Hurricane Force, stepped in to salvage the situation.

“If we have it on the 27th against USF, then we would exclude every senior who went home for Thanksgiving,” Category Five President Brandon Mitchell said. “Now every senior will have the opportunity to participate.”

Senior Walk will be this Saturday before the game against Virginia Tech. Although this is not the last game of the season, it allows every senior an opportunity to participate in the pep rally and their well-earned senior walk.

“I think it’s actually a good idea because a lot of people I know, including myself, are not going to be here for the last game,” senior Christine Ira said. “But I will now because they moved it!”

Category Five considered that within this fall’s freshmen undergraduate class, 55 percent were from out of state, and 44 percent of the current undergraduate population is also from out of state. If Senior Walk was the day of the last home game, many students would be excluded from the UM tradition.

“I’ll be here for the USF game because I only live a few hours away, but a lot of my friends are from up north and will be spending that game with their families back home,” senior Dominic Albert Castillejo said. “We will have a much bigger turnout for the Virginia Tech game as well.”

The Virginia Tech game seems a much more anticipated game than USF because it is a must win for the Canes in order to qualify for the ACC Conference Championship Game. By choosing the second-to-last home game of the season, there is a larger possibility of having  a larger number of seniors participate in the once-in-a-lifetime Senior Walk.

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