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Review: iMinds, knowledge for inquisitive minds

Burlesque, the bubonic plague, polo and Route 66 are just a few of the topics you’ll run across on iMinds.

iMinds is a Web site with short audio books and e-books designed to make general knowledge more accessible.  It’s also aimed at making learning new things everyday, more achievable.

The subject matter on this site is all over the place.  But if the aim is to teach something new everyday, I think that can easily be achieved.  I don’t know many people who are well versed on the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” but if you ever wanted to know about it, iMinds has you covered.

After listening to a few samples, the audio books sound like a dry podcast with a little contextual music thrown in to make it appear fun. In all honesty the audio books are not the easiest to sit through, but on the upside they are fairly short and under the 5-minute mark.

The e-books are similar to CliffNotes, giving you the general facts on slightly obscure topics in a condensed manner.  They give you the general background and a few fun facts, so when you discuss the topic with other people, you’ll seem knowledgeable.

The site has such a wide range of topics that it really can give you something new everyday. The biggest drawback however is that you must pay to download iMinds material.

It would seem easier to just download podcasts or lectures off the Internet, but if you want a lot of info packed in a small bite, this is the site for you. I would suggest iMinds to the person that typically goes across campus with their headphones on.  Why not start making your walks around campus a learning experience? By the time you reach your class you’ll know everything imaginable about Thanksgiving.

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Contributing EDGE Writer

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