Fashion 4Word: Halloween Edition

Halloween is a time to let loose and express yourself with a creative costume; it’s all about the shock value and how far you can push the envelope. Finding yourself with no costume but a plethora of Halloween party options this weekend? Whether you hope to elicit laughs or gasps, get original this year and check out my top picks for All Hallows’ Eve 2010.

Dirty Jerz in the MIA

Clearly with Halloween “you need to be on your tip-top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls DTF in MIA,” as they put it so eloquently in MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore.” So why not embrace the ridiculous and bust out in a Snooki or Pauly-D rendition this year? Don’t forget the poof or hair gel, of course.

Embrace the news: JetBlue and autotune

It’s good to find humor in life, but this Halloween it’s important to recognize that sometimes the funniest moments aren’t scripted (sorry, “Jersey Shore”). Take a nod from the news and impersonate someone with panache. Dress as the angry JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater. He knew a wide variety of curse words and especially how to make an unforgettable exit (down the airplane’s emergency evacuation slide while double-fisting beers). Better yet, suit up as Antoine Dodson, the Huntsville, Ala. man made famous by the Gregory Brothers’ Youtube music video remix of his T.V. interview. Sport his huge ‘fro, red handkerchief and black tank, and be sure to warn many a party-goer to “Hide yo’ kids! Hide yo’ wife!” with some auto-tuned flair.

“Look at your man, now back to me…”

Want to have game this Halloween? Dress as the hilarious Old Spice man, made famous by the deodorant company’s Super Bowl T.V. commercial last year. The requirements? Washboard abs, a bare chest, skintight white football pants (a nod to Isaiah Mustafa’s former role as an NFL wide receiver), a cocky attitude and a bottle of Old Spice’s acclaimed body wash.

“Just dance” away from the “paparazzi”

Want a costume that just screams for attention? Then Lady Gaga is the perfect Halloween choice for you. From the ridiculous to downright bizarre, Lady G has worn it all (even a dress made entirely of raw meat), which provides you with many an outfit to choose from. Take your pick: popular options range from her “Poker Face” blue swimsuit ensemble complete with blue gloves to her 2009 VMA white performance outfit. Basically, if it’s bright, tight and outrageous, you’re in the clear.