Music Minute: Halloween Edition

It’s October and Halloween is in the air, which means it’s time to embrace all things sinister, devilish or otherwise alien. Make sure your fright-night pregame playlist is as freaky as the costumes you’ll be stumbling in later.

  1. “Devil in a New Dress” by Kanye West – This is Kanye doing what he does best: rapping over a sample that accentuates the meaning of his rhyme.
  2. “Embrace the Martian” by Crookers (feat. Kid Cudi) – Only Cudi could make the idea of being abducted by an extraterrestrial seem inviting.
  3. “One Night in New York City” by The Horrorist – Don’t listen to this one alone in the dark – it’s a creepy bedtime story only for seasoned technoheads.
  4. “What Else Is There” by Royksopp (Trentmoller Remix) – Oldie but goodie – a funky electronic reverie that’s made for a late night car ride.
  5. “Must Be a Devil” by Diplo (CSY Remix) – As a clever play on Pixie’s “Hey,” this song is a mood setter perfect for Hallows’ Eve.

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