RSMAS Auction

Disney tickets, babysitting services, baked goods and jewelry-making lessons will be up for sale at the 13th Annual Student Auction at the Rosentiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Sponsored by the Marine Science Graduate Student Organization, the event’s proceeds will go to the Student Travel Fund and take place in the RSMAS Commons Friday Oct. 22 beginning at 5 p.m.

The fund enables graduate students in the Marine Science program to travel and attend conferences throughout the country. Last year, the auction raised more than $6,000.

With the majority of the Travel Fund coming from the proceeds of the auction, the event is one of the largest of the year. So when students have the chance to attend seminars they otherwise would no be able to afford, they can attribute the opportunity to the many sponsors who donate to the MSGSO event.

Those attending the auction will have the option of purchasing items ranging from Miami Seaquarium tickets to dinner services to gift certificates from numerous local stores.

“When I heard about the Disney tickets, I knew exactly what I was going to bid for,” said Adam Porter, a senior in the Marine Science program. “I get Disney tickets for a good price and the money goes to a good cause – a win-win situation!”

Yet, no matter what other big-ticket items come up for sale, Laura Fiorentino, an organizer with MSGSO, knows what will be the one of the most sought-after items.

“The reserved, covered parking spot for a year,” she said, predicting the item that will draw more than a few bids. “It’s a faculty alltime favorite.”

And this year, the auction process is getting revamped to better suit participants and foster a more interactive experience. MSGSO has created different themes for the various live auction sections that will help focus the participants on items that they may be more interested in.

“We are creating new fun games, raffles with gift certificate packages that will be a valuable win,” said Angela Colbert, the vice-president of MSGSO.

But as important as the auction is to the Student Travel Fund, the event also serves an important purpose in connecting RSMAS students to the community in which they live and study.

“As many of the donations come from local business, we can let the community know what we do at RSMAS and why we are an important part of the local community,” Colbert said.

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