LCD Soundsystem concert most memorable of the year

It’s not hard to make us dance here in Miami. Give us a dance floor and a good beat and we’re usually off and running, handclaps, spilled drinks, and all. These days, anyone with a laptop can make dance music and anyone with a good connection can play for a crowd.

When you replace one or two djs at a booth with six seasoned musicians sprawled across a stage, all moving and playing and vibing together, something magical happens, something alive.

On Wed., Oct. 6 at the Fillmore in Miami Beach LCD Soundsystem wove together a nearly two-hour set of dance-punk-disco-funk-wave deliciousness, reminding us how much cooler dance music can be when every element comes to life right before your ears.

Blogbaby openers Sleigh Bells got the crowd ready for the main act, sustaining a high energy level throughout their set and building up the dance adrenaline with their heavy metal pop hooks. But something about the young band’s live performance felt gimmicky, and after thirty minutes of non-stop strobe, it was a almost a relief when the dim house lights were brought back up and the rattling bass finally gave way to excited crowd chatter for the next band.

If Sleigh Bells’ set left anyone feeling a little empty inside (they don’t even perform live with a drummer), LCD Soundsystem came in to fill up the Fillmore with richly layered, expertly executed party-time music that moved through such an eclectic array of NYC avant-garde sounds it almost didn’t feel like Miami anymore. The band played favorites from all three of their full-length albums, among them “Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” “I Can Change,” and “Losing My Edge.”

By the third encore song, front man James Murphy may have lost some of his voice, and perhaps the rest of the band’s energy may have fizzled somewhat, but they still hadn’t lost the crowd. Smart, impeccably performed songs and a live ensemble of true artists made LCD Soundsystem’s show at the Fillmore among the most memorable of the year.