School of Nursing launches new website

The School of Nursing and Health Studies has recently launched a more updated version of their website. The construction and planning of this website had been on hold for almost a year – the idea that began November 2009 is now finally complete.

The updated website includes 300 pages of newly added content, interactive pages with six sliding panels, instant access to the School of Nursing and Health Studies’ Facebook and Twitter pages, and over 200-300 new pictures.

“I wanted to design a website that would represent the students from the School of Nursing. I wanted to design a website that would reflect the staff from our school,” said Dean Nilda “Nena” Peragallo.

The website was worked on by two teams: the UM Department of Information Technology and the developers at the School of Nursing and Health Studies. The sliding panels are now arranged from degrees that the school offers and is categorized by undergraduates all the way up to graduate students. The biggest change has been the direct links to Facebook and Twitter, which help students more readily access the news and information they need.

David Christopher, the Director of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations was personally involved with the transformation of the website.

“Our new website will help all students and future students navigate more effectively,” he said.

The School of Nursing was established in 1948 at the University of Miami and was the first of South Florida’s collegiate nursing programs. The program was extended in 2005 and started including health science majors, prompting them to change their name to The School of Nursing and Health Studies.

The purpose of the website changes was to make it more accessible for students and easier to navigate through. Although the website received some major upgrades, not many students have heard about the changes.

“I went on the website and I saw the changes, but I never really got the news that it had been updated. I mean, it looked different, but I didn’t actually realize that the whole website had been updated,” said Tashana Lapierre, a junior at the School of Nursing and Health Studies.

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