New dining option at UM

Mango and Manny’s, Salsaritas, Sbarros and, of course, the residential dining halls are all familiar breakfast and lunch options for students. Those yearning for a less familiar option, though, can head to Sebastian’s Café, UM’s newest dining option located inside the new Alumni Center.

With menu items ranging from bacon and egg bagels to smoked turkey and red pepper wraps, the new cafe is open to alumni and students.

Sebastian’s Café was one key component of the Alumni Center that was included in the early stages of the new building’s plan.

The food, however, is not the only distinguishing factor of the cafe.

According to Chalece Erixon, director of the Alumni Center, Sebastian’s Café is intended to be a new on-campus gathering place with a distinct atmosphere.

“It will end up being a place where students, alumni, faculty and community members will pull together and find themselves in a place where they usually would not be found together,” Erixon said. “You’re going to have a real mix-match of people. Some in business suits, some on their day off and some students headed to class”.

The patio outside of Sebastian’s Café will soon boast an 8-foot tall bronze statue of Sebastian the Ibis. Staff members of the Alumni Center hope this statue, the menu and the building’s attractive design draw students’ attention.

“I want to try it out because I want to check out the new building,” sophomore Stephanie Fleitas said. “The menu seems delicious and the prices look affordable”.

For now, the cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch and promptly closes after 2:30 p.m. The hours of operation, however, will be altered if necessary.

“The cafe is very pretty and has reasonable pricing. Just like the food court, students can use their Cane Cards,” Erixon said. “We really want it to be a melting pot of people. Everyone is welcome”.

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