Album review: “Hands All Over” not memorable

Courtesy Flickr
Courtesy Flickr

“Hands All Over,” Maroon 5’s latest album, rarely strays from the styles with which the band has achieved so much success. Its best numbers are not particularly memorable and have a sort of paint-by-numbers feel, but familiarity is better than the few times Adam Levine and company dare to try something new.

“Out of Goodbyes,” the band’s collaboration with Lady Antebellum, is sure to have its fans, but it seems weirdly jarring when compared to the rest of the album.  The only song that screams “legendary” like “Harder to Breathe” or “This Love” is “Misery,” the album’s first single and the catchiest song.

Maroon 5 is at its best when it sticks to what it knows. Their outrageously sensual, guitar-driven funk is fantastic, but the ballads are surprisingly slow and nothing, save for “Misery,” is particularly thrilling. Sadly enough for Maroon 5 fans everywhere, “Hands All Over” probably wasn’t worth the three-year wait.

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Rating: 2/4 stars

Release Date: Sept. 21
Producer: Robert John “Mutt” Lange
Label: A&M/Octone