9/11 memorial falls short

This year’s memorial for the tragedies of Sept. 11 did not leave the impression that many were hoping for.

Leslie Gale, who was in charge of organizing the Day of Remembrance on University of Miami campus for 9/11 victims, said the organization would do the event differently in 2011. This year, unlike previous years, the event was not held on the day of the tragedy nine years ago, but instead the day before, Friday Sept. 10.

According to Laura R. Stott, Director of Student Activities and Organizations, said the event was held on the day before because Sept. 11 landed on a Saturday, when the UM also had a football game.

Gale felt the change would lead to more students participating. The event lasted all day as students could pay their respects when it fit into their schedule.

This year’s low-key approach consisted of an on-going display and video with some interactive components for students to take a part in. There was a banner for students to sign along with a candle to light on the evening of Sept. 11.

“A lot of students stopped by this year. I couldn’t give you an actual number but I am happy we put it on Friday instead of over the weekend, “ Gale said.

This is the second year Gale has run the event.  Gale said the format of the event would return to the way it was the past eight years.  She continued to say even though UM students came out and showed their support, the past eight years have had better results.

Christian Gonzalez, a junior at the UM, enjoyed the experience but felt it was not the same because it was the day before.

“This was the first year, I was able to attend the event but it did not hold the same weight as events on television that are held on the day of Sept. 11,“ Gonzalez said.

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