Student government special column

Senate met Wednesday to swear in 15 brand new Senators in addition to returning members. The agenda included a vote to accept the referendum passed last week, as well as to co-sponsor an Alpha Phi Alpha event. Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick will be meeting with UM Student Government leaders for the second time in less than a month when he attends next week’s Senate meeting, Oct. 6 at 4:30 p.m. in the UC Ballrooms.

Student Government has also been getting technical. Starting with the new SG Web site this summer, Student Government has turned its eyes now toward myUM, working with IT to release a new ACE Degree Audit report system that is now available, as well as new myUM course search options soon to come.

SG isn’t getting too technical, though, with what can be described as “an underground, old-school version of the blog.” Found on the back of bathroom stall doors, “The Leak” is a new weekly posting put out by Student Government. Besides providing some reading material and dry wit, each “log” seeks to reach out and keep students aware of what SG is doing. Look for the next log of “The Leak” in a bathroom near you.

Installation began early this week on two ICEE machines which will finally be coming to the C-Store. Students will be able to start buying ICEEs beginning Monday. For students looking for a slightly healthier option, the first Fresh Farmer’s Market will be hitting campus Oct. 13 by the green. Fresh, locally-grown fruit and vegetables will be available for sale, with plans to definitely continue this on a regular basis.

Ryan Aquilina is the Student Government Press Secretary and can be reached at