Commanding variety

Typecasting Infantree to a single genre of music might be more taxing than deciphering the meaning of the Beatles’ song “I am the Walrus.” The Los Angeles-based quartet effortlessly merges the sounds of folk, blues and indie rock into their debut full-length CD “Would Work.” The groundbreaking album is better for their versatile work.

Alex Vokdani, Matt Kronish and Donald Fisher alternate vocals on the 12 track EP and also play various instruments alongside their drummer Jordan Avesar. The ethereal vocals, profound lyrics and eclectic sounds of the mandolin, keys and guitar create an album that is undeniably a breath of fresh air.

The band’s impeccable ability to harmonize helps stress the mature lyrics of the tracks. Several of the songs include lyrics about the earth, which add to the organic sound of the band. The opening track, “Water,” discusses everyday emotions with common and simple words, but the track also includes more cryptic writing by relating these feelings to the flow and path of water.

The leading and catchy tune, “Speak Up,” showcases the inflection of the quartet throughout the track. The softly sung vocals mixed with the more aggressive sounds strengthen the message of the song and create a haunting effect.

The diversity among the songs never leave the listener bored as the album approaches its middle mark. The folkloric sound of “In Line,” the indie vibe of “Morning Glory” and the blues cry of “To & Fro” keep the listener on his or her toes, waiting for Infrantree to master yet another genre.

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Rating: 4/4 stars
Label: Vapor Records
Produced by: Neil Young
Released: Sept. 14