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“Going the Distance” soundtrack delivers

"Going The Distance"

Time to push play indefinitely with the soundtrack of the upcoming film, “Going the Distance.” Musically situated beside films such as “Garden State,” “500 Days of Summer” and the “Twilight” saga, this romantic comedy is the mixtape to conclude the carefree and blissful summer days.

The tunes of the Drew Barrymore and Justin Long film emotionally “went the distance.” With the melodic and lyrical help of Cat Power, Band of Skulls, Passion Pit, The Cure, The Pretenders and The Boxer Rebellion, the “Going the Distance” soundtrack features songs from love to those of heartbreak. The refreshing sounds of the ‘80s bands mixed with the indie flare of this decade complement each other so ideally the bands’ origins become nonexistent.

Powering through the 20-track EP are three tunes from the soundtrack’s leading band, The Boxer Rebellion. “Spitting Fire,” “If You Run” and “Evacuate,” from the band’s 2009 album, “Union,” display the quartet’s ability to appeal to all the senses, not just that of the ears. The subtle, yet passionate instrumental beats accompanied by grungy vocals create an ethereal world that encompasses a listener. Lucky enough “Going the Distance” provides a cameo of The Boxer Rebellion in the film, bringing their wistful ways to the silver screen.

Fast-paced tempos of The Generationals, Eels and Katie Herzig ideally reside beside the ballads of the Band of Skulls, The Airborne Toxic Event and Joe Purdy. As the soundtrack progresses, it transitions from exhilarating to melodic that makes the mixtape thrive. With the perfect blend of light heartedness and profoundness in the soundtrack, “Going the Distance” can only radiate more with liveliness once characters are involved.

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“Going the Distance” Soundtrack
Rating: ¾ stars
Released: August 24
Label: Water Tower Music

The film “Going the Distance” opens in theaters on September 3.

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