Revolutionize your freshman experience

Back to school- those are the words every college student loves. Being back to school means friends, going out, partying, meeting new people, football games and, well, new classes.

Honestly, returning to school is something I love doing every year now.

It’s funny how perspectives and lifestyles change. Getting into college, I was homesick for Texas. I was miserable as a freshman. I did not know anyone and I had never shared a room, especially in such a cramped style, with anyone (I do have a wonderful roommate who made it bearable though).

After a summer away from my comfort zone at UM, however, I find myself excited about going back. I look forward to seeing my friends, who I consider part of my family. I know many of the sophomores and upperclassmen understand what I am saying.

So freshmen, listen up. I will help you make it through your first semester.

First, it is ok to be homesick, but do not allow being homesick to keep you from living life. It might be hard to grasp now, but I promise, Miami is going to be a part of you if you allow it.

Second, make friends. If you sit in your room, wasting your time on Facebook or playing those God-forsaken video games, you are never going to enjoy Miami.

Look around you. We are living in a beautiful, tropical area filled with critters I know most Northerners (face it, most of UM students are from up North) have never seen.

Another way to keep your head above water is by going to class. If not to learn, then go to meet people. It is the easiest way to become a part of a community. I have met great people from just attending classes.

Finally, do not be afraid to re-invent yourself. You just moved to a place where very few, if any, people know you. Take advantage. You get to be your own person. It is time for a revolution, if not nationwide, at least personally.

Jenny Hamilton is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism and sports administration. She may be contacted at