Oh, the place you have come

It seems like just yesterday I arrived on campus. I admittedly am no Dr. Phil, but I am a senior who has experienced more than I ever fathomed.

So here is some advice.

Go easy on your parents. I was not looking forward to leaving the nest and went kicking and screaming the entire way. My younger cousin couldn’t get away sooner, leaving skid marks on the asphalt headed to orientation. Regardless of your feelings, parents are going through a gamete of emotions. Hug them like you mean it because they raised you. The least you can do is say, “Thank you, I’ll miss you and I love you” with an earnest hug.

Find a place for real moments of solitude throughout the school year. Yes, it’s Miami, and the buzz of campus is intoxicating, but you need some quiet time and a chance to recharge. Do not become a mindless herd animal that can only function in a crowd. Taking time out will make you a far more interesting (and calmer) person.

South Beach ain’t going nowhere.

You are in college, so don’t forget to go to college. Whether you can only tolerate small bites of Miami flavor or you are a glutton for the pleasures of South Florida, remember you are a student. Go to class, pay attention and do your work. The experience can be snatched away quickly if you don’t have the grades. And if you do not heed my warning, I know a few people who will not be joining me in the UM alumni club, and they would gladly trade a few Grove nights to pass the classes to keep them here.

You have four years of unadulterated foolishness, so pace yourself.

Revel in every moment. You will only be a freshman once, so soak it up. I don’t believe freshman year is the best time of your life because I think life should always get better as you go along- but it’s pretty damn sweet!

Welcome to our nutty, insane, awesome, beautiful and remarkable family. Being a Hurricane is a one of a kind experience, and no one will ever be able to take this year away.

Welcome, class of 2014!

MacKenzie Green is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism and sports administration. She may be contacted at mgreen@themiamihurricane.com.