Toppel Center offers free career guidance

Great academics, small class sizes, a beautiful campus and diversity: these are all things that may have attracted you to the University of Miami. Now that you are about to begin, you will soon find that UM has more to offer than you even thought possible. One of the great services that you will soon have access to is the Toppel Career Center. From the moment you arrive on campus, you can use the Center’s services to find your true interests, choose a major, find internships, create your own business, prepare for graduate school and, of course, find a job.
Beginning with your freshman year, you will find that Toppel has resources for every stage of your college career, even if you are uncertain about your major or career path. With three career aptitude tests, career advising and programs on different industries and companies, you’ll soon have a better idea what direction you would like to head in. Toppel has a great staff of advisors that are willing and very eager to help!
Another component of career advice is The Launch Pad at Toppel, which will help you create your own job. The Launch Pad serves both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs, assisting with opportunity recognition, feasibility assessment and strategy for starting and growing companies or non-profits. Entrepreneurship is a career choice for students from all backgrounds and majors, and it’s a career choice that you can start your freshman year!
Whatever career path you want to pursue, Toppel offers many interesting programs and workshops. There are workshops in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills and dining etiquette. Every semester there are different programs, such as Careers in the Music Industry, Careers in Sports, Diagnosing Your Healthcare Experience: A Guide for Pre-Health Students and Exploring Your Summer Options. These programs cover different industries and provide an opportunity for students to hear what industry insiders have to share regarding their experiences, insights, and advice.
There are also two large career fairs each year called Career Expo. At these career fairs, students have the opportunity to interact and speak to over 100 employers. These fairs are attended by a variety of companies such as Deloitte, Citi, General Electric, Microsoft, and the CIA. Toppel also has specialized career fairs such as an Architecture Career Fair and a Government & Non-Profit Career Fair. These fairs are an excellent opportunity for students to interact and network with employers and will ensure that you will feel very comfortable with employers when the time comes to apply for a permanent position or internship.
Toppel has something for everyone. To learn more, please visit You can also get a head-start by following us on Twitter at and Facebook (just search for Toppel Career Center). Stop by when you get to campus, take advantage of the resources and don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

Welcome to UM!

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