for the next three days

    for the next three days
    adrenaline will race
    pulsating throbbing and laced
    with neurotypical toxins mutating into

    anxiety over Thursday

    for the last 51 hours and 13 minutes
    and the next 72

    with PCP and LSD and imagery of
    of hope and regret and in the pit of my stomach


    lucid but removed
    into a snowglobe of me and you
    a category 5 hurricane racing through

    tumbling in the palms of a child
    i hope it doesnt break

    for the next three days
    i contemplate

    reminiscent of the January 28th
    when we fell apart

    tumbling in the palms of child
    like overworked dough
    and poems that try to rhyme

    we folded

    words that feel like metal in the roof of your mouth
    and dough that wouldn’t rise to the occasion

    will you rise to the occasion?

    for the next three days, i wait.