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December 8 , 2023

An all-American lineup at Cosford

A movie at Sunset Place will run you $10 and, on the weekends, parking is a flat rate of $6. For two hours of entertainment, why pay such high prices? The Cinematic Arts Commission (CAC) brings free movies to campus every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Pair that with a walk from the dorms and you’ve got yourself an evening of free fun.

The CAC of Hurricane Productions is made up of a group of students who simply like to watch movies. They like movies so much that they have chosen to dedicate their time to bringing free showings to campus at the Bill Cosford Cinema.

In addition to the weekly showings, CAC hosts special events providing University of Miami students with unique experiences. For instance, Vice Chair Joey Kadin’s favorite event is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” screening.

“We’ve done it for two years now and completely filled the entire Cosford, and even had to turn people away when we had two nights worth of shows,” Kadin said. “’Rocky is a cult classic, and we partner with another HP group, QuantUM Entertainment, to have a full shadow cast acting out the movie in front of the screen. Everyone shows up in costume, and we hand out prop bags to all the audience members.”

The final event CAC will be hosting this year is a special double feature of “American Beauty” and “American Psycho.”

“CAC likes to do double features or short festivals on occasion, of relating or contrasting films,” junior Derek Stuckert said. “So since we were showing ‘American Psycho,’ we thought it might be fun to show another American movie along with it, thus, ‘American Beauty’ double-feature awesomeness.”

If you’re looking for something to do, looking to save some money or just looking for a good time, check out the Cosford Cinema.

“There is no reason not to take advantage of what we bring to campus. Everyone likes movies, they are free and CAC makes the experience cheeky and fun,” Stuckert said. “What more can you ask for?”

Brooke Burgstahler may be contacted at bburgstahler@themiamihurricane.com.

Upcoming showings at the Bill Cosford Cinema

-Wed., April 21: “Sherlock Holmes”

-Wed., April 28: “American Psycho” and “American Beauty” double feature

All showings on Wednesdays are at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Films are also shown on the following Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m.

Brooke Burgstahler
Contributing EDGE Writer

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