Letter to the Editor

It’s 2010 and we’re using the same tired arguments against cannabis use. What is next, reviving that baseless “gateway drug” nonsense?
Look, marijuana is no caffeine or acetaminophen (with both of those drugs, an overdose is possible- HEY-OH!). No, seriously. It’s not the safest drug in the world, but let’s be frank about the dangers of marijuana. Where is the causal relationship between amotivational syndrome and cannabis use? Oh that’s right, there is no proven one, at least according to the World Health Organization. Perhaps lazy turds are drawn to cannabis, but that doesn’t mean that smoking cannabis makes one a lazy turd.
And “four cigarettes per joint,” another classic argument against the consumption of marijuana! Except this assumes two very silly things:
1) The joint in question is consumed by only one person. If that were true, the Musical Youth wouldn’t have been so stern with their command to “pass that dutchie” and share the love. Cigarette smokers look selfish in comparison! (But, to be fair, cigarette smokers are also less likely to demand that we try to sync Dark Side of the Moon to Wizard of Oz shortly after indulging in their vice.)
2) Everyone smoking marijuana does so by way of a joint. In reality, marijuana can be smoked or vaporized (hey look, ma, no tar!) or baked into your favorite dessert pastries if you want.
Cannabis does have demonstrable effects on the immune system, since cannabinoids bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors, which have both been found on immune cells. But show me a case of marijuana-induced infection in humans.
And don’t get me started about sex. Most studies in humans have shown at most a modest, transient impact on sex hormones. Let’s not forget that marijuana can make sex unthinkably pleasurable, even with an unfortunate case of cottonmouth.
I’m not a marijuana apologist. I think there could be real issues with cannabis psychosis in people with pre-existing conditions, but the demonization of cannabis gets us nowhere.

Timothy Bishop is a junior majoring in chemistry and mathematics. He may be contacted at tbishop@themiamihurricane.com.