A day at the U for new students

On the cusp of their high school graduation, students have life-changing decisions to make on where to attend college. The decision has numerous implications that will alter the rest of one’s life.

“Cane for a Day” is a University of Miami program for newly admitted students who wish to visit campus before making a final decision on which college to attend. Prospective students get matched with a UM student who acts as their host for the day.

Due to the popularity of Cane for a Day, a sister program has been introduced titled “You at the U.” The program will be specifically for accepted scholarship students and will be held on different dates than the Cane for a Day visits.

The host is usually studying a similar major to their guest. They go to their classes, eat with them in the dining hall, take part in some extracurricular activities and experience an average day at UM.

Scott Woodcock, assistant director of admissions and chief organizer of the project, believes You at the U will be extremely successful.

“We have a 60 percent yield rate. They visit here, take part in the program and end up becoming students,” he said.

Senior Amy Levine, a political science major, hosted three students last year.

“I love talking to students about UM and getting to share my experience with them,” she said. “I hope that they can have a similar experience.”

Students also get the opportunity to speak to their potential professors. They are even provided with credit to use at the dining hall.

Being a host is a voluntary position, and there is a large demand for volunteers.

“We already have 260 students signed up to visit, so we’ll have to double up on students per hosts,” Woodcock said.

While it may seem time consuming, Levine believes it really does work in encouraging students to come here.

“Lots of students I talk to now who were Cane for A Day students now attend the university,” she said.

Carly Mills may be contacted at cmills@themiamihurricane.com.