Music Minute: Spring break edition

Midterms are finally over and spring break madness has just begun. It’s time to toss out old papers and failed tests and smell the new-grown daisies. Feel free to pull all-nighters, not for an exam, but because you don’t want to give up one minute of your capacity to rage. There’s only seven days in March to feel this way, so make the most of it. Whether you’re heading back home, jetting off to a nearby island or staying in Miami, where the party comes to you, this is the week where the music never stops.

– “Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas– As much as you might hate to admit it, the hook of this song is irresistible. Fergie and the gang will have you spreading your wings and doing your thing all break long.

– “On the Dance Floor (feat. and” by David Guetta– The song’s title is definitely where it belongs. A fast-paced beat is set off by’s piercing order to “Turn. It. Up.” You don’t have to tell us twice, Will.

“Chillin” by Wale and Lady Gaga– This spring break, straight chillin’ is the only thing listed on your agenda. Wale is straightforward and cool, while Gaga’s chorus will have you singing along.

“Where’s Your Head At (Robbie Rivera remix)” by Basement Jaxx– When this song plays, you feel it in your heart. The beat is so heavy that you can get lost in it- one listen and you’ll wonder where your head was at for the past six minutes.

“Say Aah (feat. Fabolous)” by Trey Songz– It doesn’t have to be your birthday to get down to this. While not new by any means, this song has lasting potential; it will see you through the end of spring break and leave you wistful that it wasn’t longer.

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