Watch the game at the Rat

The best place to watch University of Miami football games is also your favorite place to grab a bite to eat between classes.

The Rathskeller, UM’s hot spot and campus landmark, has been hosting UM tailgates or watch parties for several away football games and basketball games.

The Rathskeller Advisory Board (RAB), which operates under Hurricane Productions, hosts these tailgates completely free of charge, said tailgate chair Ali Levenson.

“There’s always plenty of free food and we often play games that involve winning a ton of free giveaways,” Levenson said.

Sophomore Kristen Chuber, who has attended the Rat’s tailgates in the past, said the tailgates are the next best thing to watching the real game.

“When you think about a game you think of fried food, beer and guys yelling, and the Rat delivers the full experience,” Chuber said.

According to Rat employee Christine Ira, the crowd at the Rat during the tailgates is usually only Hurricane fans.

“When you come here, it’s all green and orange, and the energy is so much more heightened,” Ira said.

Tailgate regulars have described the events as watching a game with 300 of your closest friends.

“For Miami games, it’s awesome to be with a bunch of people your own age,” said one regular, senior Zach Burkowski.

The spirit and adoration for the Hurricanes is one thing that brings students to the Rat for tailgates, but the setup isn’t too bad either.

“You don’t ever get to watch a game on a 200-inch pull-down screen unless it’s at the Rat,” Burkowski said.

Check out the next tailgate at the Rat featuring UM’s men’s basketball versus UNC March 2 at 7 p.m. hosted by RAB, Category 5 and Pier 21.

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