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Fanfarlo a band deserving of more acclaim

“And if we’re kicking up a fuss, it’s only ’cause we must/let the world begin to understand/begin to understand,” wails vocalist Simon Balthazar on”Luna,” a track from indie band Fanfarlo’s debut album “Reservoir.”  The orchestral album was released in the Fall of 2009 to little critical and popular attention. In an attempt to garner interest in their music, Fanfarlo allowed fans to download their album online for $1.

The tactic worked surprisingly well and brought the London-based band to the attention of bloggers and critics. Reviews of “Reservoir” have generally been positive. Most critics have pointed out the pervasive influence of Canadian indie rockers “Arcade Fire” whose songs share an affinity for dramatic and grandiose themes. Both bands also feature an incredibly large amount of obscure instruments, like the glockenspiel, in their orchestrations.

Although Fanfarlo may wear their influences a tad too proudly, they have a unique take on post-rock emotional fervor. Rather than bursting with emotion like “Arcade Fire,” they show a great deal of restraint. This restraint leads to a powerful tension that rivals even that of their Canadian progenitors.

Fanfarlo has recently announced a tour of the United States that will span over 15 states. Perhaps this tour will bring them to greater popular acclaim as fans begin to understand their music.

Rating: 3/4 stars

Release Date: Sept. 29, 2009

Producer: Peter Katis

Label: Atlantic

Thomas Prieto
Contributing Columnist

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