New sounds with style

This isn’t Miley Cyrus or Rihanna, but instead, a new genre that is separating the genuine elements of hip-hop and instrumental that made music what it once was: this is Raw Stiles, and his sounds are sophisticated- with an attitude.

His music is a combination of instrumental beats, a collage of vintage sounds that recreate a time when music revolutionized the world in the good ol’ 60s and 70s.

“It’s not supposed to be radio-friendly, overproduced or anything like that,” said 21-year-old University of Miami senior Rob Sobalvarro, a.k.a. Raw Stiles.

Inspired by musicians like Madlib, Miles Davis and poet T.S. Elliot, Raw Stiles’ new EP Album, “Hello Lovely,” has gained the approval of blog writers with its fresh new talent. He is on his way to a music career thanks to the uniqueness of his tracks that slowly but steadily continue to be discovered by listeners. This all is due to the simple fact that Raw Stiles lives up to his name: easy listening but still funky.

Tired of watered-down hip-hop, Sobalvarro started by experimenting at age 16 with FruityLoops, the old-school version of FL Studio, a software that allows users to create their own songs.

“Music itself is what inspired me to make something,” Sobalvarro said.

“Hello Lovely” was all computer-recorded, using a table and sampler. This resulted in 10 tracks composed of old jazzy beats and soul lyrics out of old vinyl records, recycled and freshened up.

For the emerging musician, this is just the beginning. “Addicted to high standards,” Sobalvarro is now on his way to making a new album, which he says will be longer and more accessible.

“It’s all a puzzle really,” he said. “Right now I’m finding the pieces and putting it together.”

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