Introducing …

    Welcome to The Augustan! I know you have some questions, so let’s get to them right away.

    What is this?

    The Augustan is a blog about politics, art, and culture.

    What’s with the name?

    This blog is named after the famed Roman emperor Augustus. Augustus, often considered the Roman Empire’s greatest emperor, ruled from 27 B.C.E. to 14 A.C. The blog is named after him because he was a leader in the three different fields covered by this blog: politics, art, and culture. Augustus’ political credentials abound. He presided over an era of relative peace known as the Pax Romana and expanded the Roman Empire. Augustus was a great patron of the arts and commissioned architects to rebuild Rome after a series of fires. In addition, he was the author of various works of literature that were quite popular throughout the empire. Augustus’ culture influences were also far reaching. His adopted surname, Caesar, and title, Augustus, became the permanent titles of subsequent Roman emperors. The title was even translated to other languages (e.g. Kaiser in German and Czar in Russian).

    So what will you be posting?

    I will be posting all different kinds of things. Expect to see links to interesting articles and videos by notable journalists, musicians, filmmakers, and more. I will also be posting my own articles which will include film, music, and television reviews and recommendations. They will also include political opinion pieces and interviews with artists.

    So I should comment, right?

    Definitely. This blog is all for naught without your ideas and opinions. I would encourage everyone to leave comments.

    Who are you?

    Name: Thomas Prieto

    Major: Political Science

    Year of Graduation: 2010

    Plans after graduation: Law school

    Hometown: Miami, Florida

    Last book I read: Dubliners by James Joyce

    Last album I heard: Astro Coast by Surfer Blood

    Last film I saw: Moon