Mahoney and Pearson residents promote unity

From dinner to movie nights and etiquette classes to health programs, the students living on Mahoney and Pearson Residential College find their own ways to promote the spirit of unity between floor mates, neighbors and roommates.

With its own agenda of appealing activities, each of the floors on Mahoney and Pearson arrange for the residents a variety of events during the semester. These programs organized by the Residential Assistants (RAs) of each floor, not only to provide amusement for students and encourage harmony among them, but they are also geared towards promoting cultural events that can be helpful for students of all years.

“Since each floor of Mahoney and Pearson essentially has a combination of students from almost all years and gender, these activities provide an excellent opportunity to get to know everyone on your floor,” said Rebecca Brave, one of the Residential Assistant of 6th floor of Pearson.

Most floors schedule at least one monthly event, which usually takes place at night, or during the weekend, so more students can participate. The activities have to be planned along with building-wide programs in order to avoid a clash between individual activities and those planned for the entire building.

“Residential Assistants have to have a floor program,” said Markeem Middleton, an RA from the seventh floor of Pearson.

Despite poor participation last semester due to the lack of interesting activities, RAs from floor seven, Marie D’Angiolillo and Markeem Middleton, have come up with new and original ideas to engage students in any of appealing events of scheduled on their floor.

“We want mainly students to have fun, and at times learn something new” Middleton said.

With a “bubble” themed activity, the residents from floor seven gathered in their floor lobby on Jan. 27, for the first monthly meeting of the year. The floor and walls of the reception area, in concordance with the selected theme, were decorated with bubble wrap.

“This activity for instance was mainly Marie’s idea, my floor partner,” Middleton said. “She wanted to do a different kind of program that residents do not experience often, so we chose bubbles because national bubble wrap day was on the 25th and we thought it would make an interesting program.” To go with the theme, bubble tea, bubble gum and candies were served as refreshments for those who attended and had a great time playing bubble wrap twister or chatting with friends.

“The seventh floor wants to have a program on every day that features a seven,” Middleton said. “Unless there is any big event in any of those days like Superbowl, SportsFest or Spring Break.”

For those who are residents on campus or have not participated in any of these events before, this is definitely your opportunity to “promote the unity” and engage in any kind of program that your floor or building offers. Just stay informed, ask your RAs and roommates about upcoming events and participate!

“This type of initiative is what encourages the unity among the students,” said Pedro Di Natale, a sophomore from Pearson Residential college.

For those who are interested in some of the upcoming events taking place in Pearson and Mahoney there is a Charm School two part series this Feb. 13 and 15 in Apt.129.

“Programs not only encourage a sense of community but also promote knowledge of campus wide events,” said Lorry Henderson, a sophomore student and desk assistant of Pearson.

For more information, contact your RA or any of the desk assistants.

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