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Pizza Rustica satisfies

Pizza Rustica just opnened near campus. Cayla Nimmo // The Miami Hurrica

Many students at the University of Miami have voiced frustration regarding the lack of eateries near campus.

The “Killer D’s” (Domino’s and Denny’s) undoubtedly grow more nauseating with each late-night visit, and many other local restaurants are not on a college schedule (i.e. open late).

When word spread that a new branch of the popular Pizza Rustica chain was opening right by the Red Road Commons apartment complex, there was finally a sign of hope.

After countless excruciating delays, Pizza Rustica finally opened, and for the most part, the pizzeria lives up to the hype.

Not only does Pizza Rustica give UM students a tasty pizza option (something Domino’s, Miami’s Best and Papa John’s do not), but it also does so in an affordable fashion.

An enormous slice of nearly any of the vast selection of specialty pizzas (cut into six smaller pieces) costs less than five bucks.

The specialty pizzas are unique and creative, including Chipotle Shrimp and Chicken Parmesan. In addition, Pizza Rustica also provides the standard selection of normal toppings and combinations.

Equally as fulfilling as the pizza selection, however, are Pizza Rustica’s hours of operation; the pizzeria drive-thru is open until 3 a.m. from Friday and Saturday, and until 1 a.m. on the weekdays.

One piece of advice: try the delivery option, as the interior provides a somewhat chaotic dining experience. There are lingering doubts as to the exact line formation process and with whom behind the counter to place your order.

The minimum delivery order at Pizza Rustica is only three slices, which makes ordering pizza with friends easy, cheap and, a first for UM students, satisfying.

Camron Ghorbi may be contacted at cghorbi@themiamihurricane.com.


What: Pizza Rustica

Where: 6800 SW 57th Avenue, South Miami (Right off US-1)

When: Sundays-Wednesday, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. (Drive-thru closes at 1:00 a.m.); Friday-Saturday 11:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. (Drive-thru closes at 3:00 a.m.).

Cost: $3-5 per slice, $11.50-19 for a whole pizza

Camron Ghorbi
Camron Ghorbi
Staff EDGE Writer

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