Student volunteers get real-world experience from the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIV being held in Miami this year is not just bringing more economic attention to the city; the annual championship has now brought fruitful opportunities to students at the University of Miami by giving them free access to volunteer opportunities at the famous event.

The National Football League is allowing over 35 qualified students from the School of Communication and the School of Education to volunteer at the Super Bowl. The students will help out with the event’s media presentation and public relations during the game and have even begun early volunteer work at the Broward Convention Center.

The registration process was simple. The majority of the volunteers saw a flyer or responded to an e-mail they received to get this once-in-a-lifetime deal. It was that easy.

Maria Scott, lecturer at the School of Communication, was instrumental in organizing the development of the volunteer program. Students are responding well to her efforts.

“The students are getting the opportunity to interface with communications professionals and sports journalists, while also getting to see the inner workings of a media center,” Scott said.

Students just don’t see this as an opportunity for a free pass for the NFL’s most anticipated night. Media management and sports administration major junior Justin Leiser is equally excited about the helpful career action he’ll be getting as a volunteer at the Super Bowl. The students will undergo a unique experience and will certainly leave a mark on the presentation of the event.

Senior public relations major Alyssa Banker also decided that in participating, she would be gaining important hands-on experience in media relations. She decided that this would be a good way, if not the best way, to fulfill her media relations task.

“I’m looking forward to the experience and Dr. Scott is such a big help with everything,” she said. “I think we have a pretty significant part in the media of the game.”

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