Football ended, let the fun begin

This weekend will mark a sad event in the lives of all football fanatics. After watching the battling of two great quarterbacks in Super Bowl XLIV Sunday, the season is officially over.

Say goodbye to waking up at the crack of dawn to tailgate outside of Sun Life Stadium and driving 30 minutes down I-95 to arrive four hours before kickoff. It’s time to find some other way to make small talk other than, “how ‘bout those Canes?” and we’re all going to have to find a new reason to hate the University of Florida.

Though it may not seem like it now, life will go on, and all those football-free weekends are just waiting to be claimed by more creative activities.

Take a cue from the school’s old nickname, “Suntan U,” and hit the beach. If you have some extra spending money, then check out the cafés that line South Beach where the food is great and the people-watching is prime.

Looking for something more unusual? Take a three-day weekend and plan a road trip. Believe it or not, the state of Florida has more to offer than just Miami. Head south to Key West, or take the turnpike up to Orlando for some quality theme park time. Or, for the combination surfer/history buff within, head north to Saint Augustine, the oldest city in Florida with a reputation for great waves.

Still craving some sports action? The school does have more to offer than football. Basketball and baseball games are played on campus, automatically alleviating the headache that comes with a trek to Sun Life Stadium. Try something new and hit the Rat or Titantic before a game rather than tailgating.

And of course, there is the ever popular weekend activity, Club Richter. Use your newfound free time on the weekends to undo some of the damage all that tailgating and those after parties did to your GPA last semester.

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