Oh broadcast…

    Over the weekend, my documentary film professor sent our class an email containing a link to a YouTube video. Naturally, I clicked and started watching not knowing what I was about to see.

    Take a look for yourself.


    After the 2-minute clip ended, I kept thinking to myself, “Gee that’s all so true.” Yes, it was narrated by Charlie Brooker so it automatically becomes funny (if you’re into British humor like I am). More importantly, you have to laugh at it because you realize how dumb it all sounds, but the world continues to eat it up everyday. The formula is so predictable and lacks all creativity, it makes me sad.

    As a visual journalism student, I strive to find ways to make free-flowing pieces that catch the viewer off-guard and discretely tell a story without spelling it out from the get-go, I allow strong visuals and audio do the showing and telling.

    This is my passion right now. It’s what I’m trying to do well. Let’s see where this documentary film class takes me.