Dear V: I’m looking for more from my digital date…

Dear V,

My girlfriend and I just became a long-distance couple. To cope, we each set up Skype accounts. While being able to see her face makes things a little easier, I still want to see more than her face- if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, she’s made it quite clear that she’s uncomfortable with stripping down in front of a web cam. How can I ease her into it? A guy has needs, you know!

Full Monty

Dear Full Monty,

Long-distance relationships can definitely be tricky and this can be a good way to release some of that sexual tension (if you’re both up for it). For a first timer, this can be quite uncomfortable. Girls this age can be very self-conscious and she may never be confident enough to strip down for you online, but it would help if you try to boost her self-esteem. Taking your clothes off in front of a tiny camera feels awkward, so you need to help ease her fears and remind her of how beautiful she is and that it’s only you sitting there. Making her feel at ease may at least open her up to the idea of a sexy Skype session.

Even once you make her comfortable enough to try this newfound activity, you’ll have to start slow. Try just starting with both your shirts off before you get online, this way you’ll be on even ground and later when she’s more comfortable, she can switch to actually removing the clothing on camera for your eyes only. Keep this going with other items (slowly of course, you don’t want to pressure her), and she may eventually be a full web cam stripper.

If this doesn’t work and she never warms up to the online peep show, maybe she’d be more comfortable using photos instead of a camera. Try sending her a semi-seductive picture of yourself and see how she responds. She’d have much more control of taking her own photo and could primp until she liked the way it looked. Plus, you could sneek a peek even when she’s not around (just make sure not to share it with anyone else).

Best of luck,