‘The Book of Eli’ raw and inspiring

Almost a decade after their debut box-office hit (Menace II Society in 1993), the Hughes Brothers return with the action-packed, spiritually-themed film “The Book of Eli,” starring acclaimed Oscar-winning actor, Denzel Washington.

This fictional film reveals prophetic loner Eli (Washington) in a post-apocalyptic society. Journeying through what’s left of humanity in the Mexican deserts, Eli scavenges for food, shelter and water, while trying to reach a divine destination to deliver a phenomenal message.

Though the climax of this symbolic film surrounds and praises the supernatural power of the Bible, it’s not your everyday Christian movie. The film has a neo-western theme with a cause that reels in the attention of both action lovers and suspense junkies. Eli and his sidekick (co-star Mila Kunis) have a fair share of slashing, shooting and karate chopping throughout the film. Veteran villain actor Gary Oldman also stars opposite Denzel as the morally corrupt leader of the last of humanity, referencing the underlying extraordinary power the Bible may have on future society.

This raw, inspiring film depicts humanity at its worst; in need of aid from a man with an undeniable faith, who travels west for three decades based on a calling from God. Eli shines as a heroic savior and is soon revealed as humanity’s greatest hope. “The Book of Eli” captures audiences of all backgrounds and interests, emphasizing the purpose of believing in something greater than yourself.

Rating: 4/4 stars
Starring: Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Gambon
Directed By: Albert and Allan Hughes
MPAA Rating: R