Batters up for Wiffle ball

Screen grab from video taken by Steve Pierre
Screen grab from video taken by Steve Pierre
Screen grab from video taken by Steve Pierre

Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field is not the only site where students have the luxury of swinging a bat and hitting a ball.

The Wiffle Ball Club at the University of Miami carries about 15 members and is a great way to let that competitive energy out after a long week of studying, homework or whatever it is that ails UM students.

Club President Andrew Gall never played a game of wiffle ball in high school, but after playing the classic backyard sport during SportsFest, he was hooked.

“The former president of the club saw me play for my floor in SportsFest and told me I should come check out the club,” Gall said.

Three years later the senior is orchestrating the club and responsible for getting a staff together and ordering t-shirts.

The club meets Wednesday and Sunday nights and plays either pick-up style games or competition style games such as the classic home-run derby.

Junior Jonathan Steinman has been an active participant for the past two years. He said there is an adjustment since the games are indoors.

“Usually wiffle ball is always outdoors, but we play indoors,” Steinman said. “Grounders are harder to field on the wood floor, there is less foul territory and there are more ground rules because of the basketball hoops in the gym and the ceiling.”

Steinman also added that it is an easy way to relieve some stress and get exercise as well.

“It’s nice to relax and just hang out and socialize with friends while playing sports,” Steinman said.

The president admits that as the semester picks up and tests increase, there can be a lack in involvement, but at a mere $10 price tag for a membership the players can afford to miss a meeting or two.

Gall, a senior majoring in marketing and management said that all skill levels are welcome in the club and that everyone from high school baseball lettermen to first timers show up to join.

According to Gall, most of the recruitment that the club does now is at CaneFest, but new members are always welcome to come by practice at the Wellness Center main courts.

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