Our Opinion: Airport shuttle increase objectionable

Students traveling home for Thanksgiving this year will be surprised to find that the fees for the University of Miami airport shuttles have doubled.

Last year, shuttles to Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport required $5 and $10 fares respectively, but now cost $10 and $20. In previous years, this shuttle service was offered free of charge. The continued increase in price could become a financial burden for students simply looking to share a holiday meal with their families.

For a service that was once free, why are shuttle prices increasing two-fold? Perhaps Student Government and the Division of Student Affairs should look more closely at the ways in which funds are allocated. This is a service many UM students would use, so greater importance should be reflected in its amount of funding.

While it is beneficial to even have this service offered to students, there are ways in which it could be improved. The holiday shuttle service could supply transportation back to campus after the break. While students do return at different times, at least offering an arrival pickup service would be more practical.

Having such a shuttle service is a privilege and not something that should be taken for granted by students. However, it is understandable to find such an increase in price objectionable.

For now, the best and least expensive method of airport transportation is to make friends with students who have cars. So next time you see that cute guy walk into history class with car keys hanging out of his pocket, flash a smile. Who knows, instead of a date maybe you’ll score a free ride to the airport.

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