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CD Review: Weezer’s Raditude

Fifteen years and six gold certified albums since their first release, there’s no doubt that Weezer has staying power. 1994’s self-titled debut (the blue album) and 1996’s Pinkerton introduced Rivers Cuomo as one of rock’s great lyricists. However, the real question is whether Weezer has evolved since then. Judging from their latest effort, Raditude, the answer is an unfortunate no.

None of the songs on Raditude rival any of the tunes from Weezer’s first two classic albums. That’s not to say that Raditude is a total flop. The first two songs on the album, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want To) I Want To,” and “I’m Your Daddy” both showcase 20th century Weezer at their pop rock best.

However, the standout track on the album is surprisingly the most unlikely. The hip-hop infused “Can’t Stop Partying” featuring Lil Wayne has Cuomo mocking the excessive party lifestyle. He sings about clubbing from “Monday to Sunday” so seriously that if you didn’t know Cuomo was a 39-year-old married man and self-proclaimed nerd, his sarcasm would be lost.

Nonetheless, most of the album consists of typical power pop Weezer songs about love. These songs fail to live up to the standards that the band should meet. Another problem is the length of the record. The entire album has only 10 tracks and lasts a mere 33 minutes.

Overall, Raditude might satisfy those who like pop rock and recent Weezer albums. However, die-hard fans that have listened to the band since their inception will be disappointed by Weezer’s musical stagnancy.

Rating:  2.5/4 Stars

Release Date:  Nov. 3

Label:  DCG Records/Interscope Records

Producers:  Butch Walker, Jacknife Lee, Dr. Luke, Pollow Da Don

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