QuantUM produces Pippin, offers options for theatre enthusiasts

Their motto is “theatre by students,” and this year marks the 10th anniversary of QuantUM, an extracurricular theatre production group on the University of Miami’s campus.

Founded in 2000, QuantUM represents a student-run musical production group open to all UM students.  On their website, the group says, “QuantUM does not only seek to entertain, but also to inform and raise awareness about pressing social justice issues.”

In their latest effort, QuantUM will open the musical production of Pippin on Thursday, Nov. 12, which will run until Nov. 22. The production will be held on campus at Hillel, with free admission to the public.

The lead character of Pippin will be played by sophomore Eric Reinemann, while the ‘Leading Player’ will be played by sophomore Erica Schiff.

“This show is all about interaction with the audience and having fun while trying to find yourself,” said Stephanie Wesdock, stage manager for Pippin.

Wesdock describes the environment of this particular production as “fun and relaxed.”

“My favorite part about Pippin is the energy of the cast and how hard everybody is working,” said Rachel Hyman, a freshman and new member of QuantUM.

So why do students join QuantUM? A consistent response is their overall passion for musical theatre. Students who are involved in QuantUM are able to work in all areas of the production process, including but not limited to acting, design, directing and writing.

“I love performing. It is definitely my passion first and foremost so it’s the lights, the costumes, the music, and the audience that really does it for me,” sophomore Kathleen Molinaro said.

When asked about how being involved in QuantUM’s productions affects overall schedules, Molinaro said “they are very understanding and flexible. Bottom line, we’re done at 11 at the absolute latest, you can still go out.”

While a passion for theatre is consistent among those who join, qualifications are not required.

“I really believe that everyone should have access to theatre regardless of their level of past experience or what they plan to do with their lives,” said Jane Pryjmak, head of QuantUM.