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Bassnectar ready to bring his bangers back to Miami

Courtesy of Bassnectar
Courtesy of Bassnectar

With hair past his shoulders and Nirvana and Metallica as his influences, it would be easy to think that Lorin Ashton was in a hard rock band. That’s definitely the wrong assumption.

Ashton is the man behind Bassnectar, an unrestricted electronic music project based out of San Francisco. With heavy basslines combing a multitude of music genres such as techno, hip-hop and dubstep, Bassnectar knows how to get any crowd hyped.

Following the release of his latest album Cozza Frenzy and a summer filled with playing a slew of music festivals, Bassnectar is set to unleash his unique style of music at the White Room on Oct.17 for his own Cozza Frenzy Tour.

After missing out on the Winter Music Conference this past year due to scheduling conflicts, Bassnectar is more than ready to bring his bangers back to Miami.

“I love playing Miami…I am completely bananas to get back…I have such a massive buildup of tunes I just cannot wait to DROP!” Ashton wrote in an e-mail interview with The Miami Hurricane.

Judging from the way the Cozza Frenzy Tour has been received so far, fans probably can’t wait for him to return either. With a recent show in Knoxville, Tenn. that attracted over 1,000 fans, and another in Athens, Ga. that sold out, it’s no wonder that Bassnectar describes his tour as “ABSOLUTELY TOTAL BONKERS.”

Not all songs at his shows or on Cozza Frenzy involve ear-shattering basslines, though.

“It’s definitely not a mix of TOTAL BANGERS,” he wrote. “there are soft directions, hard directions, serious directions, playful ones…I wanted to offer up an eclectic collection.”

Ashton also added that he wants people to get “pleasure, perspective and thoughtfulness” out of his music. While the last two may be a bit of a stretch, anyone interested in electronic music will surely be able to find pleasure, if not more, at his upcoming show at the White Room.

For those who are still uncertain about whether or not to attend his show, log-on to www.MySpace.com/Bassnectar to listen to his songs. Just make sure to have a subwoofer ready.

Log on to www.TheMiamiHurricane.com to read the full interview with Bassnectar.

If You Go

Who: Bassnectar (featuring special guests Damaged Goods and Juan Basshead)

Where: White Room (1306 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL)

When: Friday, Oct. 17, doors open at 10:00 PM.

Age: 21+

Cost: $20

Ben Wexler may be reached at bwexler@themiamihurricane.com.

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