Best of Miami Part 2

Best Place to Get Condoms- University of Miami Student Health Center

Giving new meaning to the phrase “free love,” the Student Health Center has garnered praise by providing a plethora of free lubricated condoms for students who find themselves in need. Located in a basket at the edge of the front desk, the multi-colored condoms are available to insure that lovers are always prepared in the heat of passion. No need to be shy, grab enough to make it through a month of Thursdays or to help out a friend because safe love is always the best way to enjoy free love.

Best Coffee Shop- Starbucks Coffee

If the long line at 10:00 am every weekday is not enough to convince you, then the taste definitely will. As the hot spot for a much needed caffeine fix, Starbucks Coffee provides the best coffee, espresso and non-coffee drinks with a variety of customization choices. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Mocha Frappuccinos and Chai Tea Lattes are just a few student favorites, along with the Vanilla Bean Scones and Outrageous Oatmeal Cookies ordered at the counter every day. The soothing ambiance coupled with classical music and prime studying locations makes this Starbucks a campus staple.

Best Place to Find a Hot Date- Richter Library

With hundreds of students entering and exiting the doors each day, it is no wonder that Otto G. Richter Library is the best place on campus to find a hot date. With plenty of beautiful people trapped in the building with a book in their face, the chances of discovering your next ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend or future husband/wife, whichever you pick, are pretty high. When the brain begins to hurt from hours of studying, take a few minutes to scope out the stacks, the first floor Information Commons and every study table for a sexy co-ed waiting to be asked out for Friday night.

Best Tanning Place–UC Pool

With plenty of sunshine, proximity to classes and no access fee, the UC Pool is the ideal location for creating a glowing Miami tan. There is no better way of killing time between classes than catching some rays and enjoying the sight of sexy co-eds lounging around with glistening skin. With comfortable lounge chairs and great music, the UC Pool is a prime location for relaxation and working on that tan.