Best of Miami Part 3

Whip N’ Dip

Whip N’ Dip is a small 1980’s mom and pop shop that attracts customers with thick and creamy ice cream and custom-made cakes. They generally stick to the basics with a small selection of standard flavors, but there are also weekly specials like caramel cashew and white chocolate raspberry. Fresh made cookies and other baked goods are also for sale, along with chocolate chip cookie cakes and ice cream cakes; order 48 hours in advance to create your own.

Bagel Emporium

Most noted for their freshly-made bagels, the Bagel Emporium is not just a bagel shop, but an outstanding diner. The place is always packed, especially during weekday mornings and weekend afternoons. No matter how busy or how long the wait is, once seated the service is snappy. Like most diners, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner during opening hours from 7a.m. to 4p.m. so feel free to order chicken fingers in the morning or waffles in the afternoon. Try not to get side-tracked by their gourmet bagel chips and cookies in the front.

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles, the French word for palace, maintains its reputation with its royal appearance. The huge Cuban diner located on Calle Ocho brings in so many customers that it had to add a second parking lot. Their menu is a long list of every Cuban dish imaginable. Being a diner, they also serve some American dishes, but to get the full Versailles experience, Cuban cuisine is the way to go.

Gulf Liquors

An accessible liquor store located across campus, Gulf Liquors actually has student discounts. Every liquor purchase is discounted with presentation of a Cane card, plus a free mini bottle comes with every purchase, including wine. They have a wide selection of alcohol so it is not uncommon to come across an unfamiliar bottle. Their walls are covered with liquor and the rest of the store is filled with isles of wine and champagne. This is not a store for beer drinkers.

Mr. Moe’s

With happy hour every weekday until 8p.m., it’s no wonder students say this Grove hangout is the best bar. Mr. Moe’s attracts a crowd through their daily themed events like Western Wednesday ladies night, beer Olympics and karaoke. They also have live bands and DJs that get people moving on the dance floor. If the inside is too loud, the picnic tables outside allow people to enjoy the music without getting a headache. The attire is casual, shorts and flip-flops are recommended and Canes gear is a must when the Hurricane’s take the field. Happy hour is not just on the weekdays, but every Sunday night at 10p.m. too.

Yellow Cab

Just remember the Miami area code and the number four. That’s right, 305-444-4444 is the number for the Yellow Cab taxi service. With an average waiting time of 10-20 minutes, Yellow Cab is always quick and reliable. Sometimes drivers even call customers two minutes in advance to let them know that they are close. Otherwise, they call when they are outside waiting. Yellow Cab is certainly a reliable, convenient and easy to remember taxi service.

China Tokyo Express

China Tokyo Express is the ultimate Asian take-out spot. Located on Bird Road, patrons can eat chow mein and sushi all in one sitting. When ordering out with a group of people, go for an assortment of dishes or a combo deal. The combinations are the same price as the actual dish, but with fried rice and a soup of your choice. China Tokyo Express delivers to the University of Miami, making it the most delicious and convenient Chinese take-out around.