Our Opinion: “Buzzin” iPhone app dangerous

“Buzzin,” a new iPhone application created by Minot Applications, could put drivers nationwide at risk. Using GPS and Google Map technology, it provides users with detailed reports and exact locations of DUI checkpoints within a 20-mile radius.  The application also generates lists of nearby cab companies, based on the user’s location. “Buzzin” is currently undergoing Apple’s testing and approval process.

Minot Applications claims their product will help to prevent drunk driving by deterring consumers with information about nearby DUI checkpoints. However, in reality, this program will have the opposite effect.

Listing the exact location of a DUI checkpoint on an interactive map would simply provide users with alternate routes to avoid it. If a user was already determined to drive drunk, seeing a checkpoint appear on their iPhone would not stop them. The promotion of drunk driving is inherently implied in “Buzzin.”

The only beneficial aspect of this application is the cab-listing feature, though it will go unused by the “Buzzin’s” target audience. Users will not feel the need to call a taxi, and will drive regardless. In other circumstances a listing of nearby cab companies would be helpful, especially for students without cars on campus.  However, within “Buzzin,” it mainly serves as a guise for an application promoting recklessness.

Though “Buzzin” is not illegal, it provides a service to an undeserving demographic.  Drunk driving should not be made more convenient.  Instead of reducing the number of inebriated drivers, “Buzzin” could actually cause an increase, leading to potential accidents and dangerous conditions.

Hopefully Apple does not approve this inappropriate application. If sold in the iTunes store, Apple could not only damage their reputation but also put their customers at great risk. This irresponsible application should be banned.

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