Our Opinion: Give musical acts a chance

Though some students may be disappointed with the lineup for the 2009 Hurricane Howl Homecoming Concert, which will feature Common and The Wailers, they should recognize the true talent that will be gracing the University Green in November.

Moving beyond the glitz of familiar Hollywood names, students will find both musical acts have impressive track records. Last year’s musical group, N.E.R.D., certainly had instant shock value when bragging to friends, but were they more impressive than these two luminaries?

N.E.R.D. has not received nearly as many award nominations as Common and the band has never performed with the renowned Bob Marley. Certainly N.E.R.D. put on an exciting show last fall, but this year both acts will wow the audience with their undeniable talent.

Students need to be realistic.  Sure the University of Miami is reputable, but performers like Coldplay or Taylor Swift are not going to hop on a plane just to play our homecoming concert. It’s a small venue, and both must have very high fees for these types of events.

Unlike students at the University of Florida, we do not pay to attend the Homecoming Concert and Hurricane Productions must work with limited funds. It is unreasonable to expect big-name artists to set up stage at UM, when we are not able to woo artists with exorbitant bids.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to hear different genres of music at homecoming concerts.  Perhaps a newer, more mainstream act in the future would help to balance the often hip-hop-filled lineups.

However, it’s important to note the newest sensations are not always the best. Both Common and the Wailers have proven themselves to be enduring in the music business, consistently recording popular and innovative tracks.

Common has been rapping since the early 90s, finding great success with almost every album dropped. He most recently collaborated with Kid Cudi on the popular song “Make Her Say,” also featuring the vocals of Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

Popular since the 1970s, The Wailers are playing UM following a worldwide tour. During October they will be performing across Europe, from Spain to Ireland; in November, before their appearance at Hurricane Howl, The Wailers will be jamming in South Africa.

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