Stay Classy, Miami

On Monday night Canes showed their support as the Hurricanes faced long-time rival Florida State for the 54th time.

The game, aside from a celebratory occasion, showed us why FSU is our rival. We are all familiar with the jeers and cheers of both teams that come with the territory of sports, alcohol and competition.

However, the Noles took good spirit and fun above and beyond to a level of vulgarity and bad sportsmanship. Witnessing this outward display of embarrassing conduct makes you consider what is in good fun, and what is downright trashy.

Canes fans were decked in orange and green from head to toe, as one would expect as a show of support. Seminoles, too, sported shirts featuring the “U.” Rather than support their team, they focused on demeaning ours with slogans such as F*** U, thUgs, scUM and Muck Fiami. An overwhelming display of Miami’s colors in crude context cropped up on every turn.

This, however, is not even the worst. Hurricanes visiting the campus would inevitably get lost in Seminole territory. On several occasions, FSU students would happily direct them – the wrong way.

This intended malice exceeded supporting their school and focused energies on degrading ours. Noles crowded around the bus chartered for the Miami football team to welcome the players with crude gestures, signs and chants.

Rivalry became an onset of poor taste and despicable behavior.

Keeping this in mind, we call on all Canes to maintain a level of dignity and respect. When Georgia Tech visits us at the first home football game a week from today, make everyone proud to be a Miami Hurricane. Act with a level of dignity that demands respect and dispels any misconceptions of Miami as a “thug” or “scum” school.

And for goodness sake, please give people the right directions.