The freshman’s guide to hooking up

As a freshman, I wish I had understood that college students’ lives revolve around sex. I grew up in a conservative Texas town and attended a private Christian school for 14 years. Needless to say, I viewed the world in accordance with my upbringing, and experienced some rude awakenings and awkward situations in college.  From my experience, here is some needed information that will assist surviving a horny roommate or friend throughout your first year.

Even though you may think it will never happen to you, walking in on a hook-up or overhearing sex will happen. You may even be a part of the sex scene yourself. The best thing to do is face the embarrassing situation, move on, and laugh it off.

One of the most essential lessons to learn is that nothing is secret when living in a dorm.  Cheating on your significant other, sneaking in a quick hook up, or vomiting in the bathroom due to too much of a good time will inevitably be discovered. I remember sitting in a friend’s dorm room and all of a sudden hearing a rhythmic drumming from next door. It did not take long to realize the source of the noise. It wasn’t much longer before most of the girls on our hall knew that our neighbor had a new man in her life, and they were continually “playing the drums.”

Also, do not forget that you are living with another person. Other people do not want to be woken up by moaning or shaking from a one-night stand or relationship. Roommate boundaries must be set whether the two of you like it or not. Bringing home a different babe every night might earn you “man points,” but it will not earn respect from your roommate. Living with someone can be hell. I suggest trying to not make it worse.

Alcohol is a huge factor in these types of college “sexcapades.” No one wants a forgotten sex-filled night that leads to a STD, baby, or lawsuit. Be aware of your alcohol intake, and the fact that all people are different when it comes to tolerance levels. In the words of Asher Roth, “Don’t have sex if she’s too gone.” It seems silly, but it is valuable advice.

Overall, if a sex-driven lifestyle is your choice, be aware of the risks. Get tested every now and then, and learn to respect the people you are living with.  Have fun within your limits, but be prepared for those embarrassing moments, whether it’s accidentally interrupting a hook-up or the infamous Saturday morning walk of shame.