Fashion 4word: Back to School Edition

In Miami, fall semester doesn’t exactly evoke images of trees changing color or autumn air.  The heat is here to stay, bringing to mind long sunny days in lieu of schoolwork.  Not yet wanting to let go of summer, students channel laidback beach styles into smart, university-appropriate looks.  It’s all in the accessories.

Sea-Inspired Jewelry

Dreaming of days spent snorkeling?  Coral-design earrings and pearl accents bring you back to your time at the beach.  Line your arms with ocean-colored bangles; the foamy greens and pale blues will inspire calm, reassuring thoughts during stressful pop quizzes.  Create a statement piece with items found at the seashore.  A single starfish adornment on a silver chain will create enough drama to get those fashionistas in Psych101 talking.

Ray Bans

With on-screen cameos in films and television shows like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Miami Vice, Ray Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses are an enduring trend.  Though their popularity has somewhat ebbed and flowed with the decades, Wayfarers are certainly en vogue for 2009.  Whether they are worn vintage or fresh out of Sunglass Hut, these shades always have their impressive, desired effect.  Epitomizing the perfect combination of luxury and effortless style, the coveted sunglasses bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to everyday life.

Beach Wraps

Catching some last minute rays when you suddenly realize you’re late for class?  Fear not.  Quickly style your beach sarong into a sundress or pair it with white shorts as a casual top.  As long as the wrap is styled in a classy and appropriate manner, you are good to go.  With a wide variety of bold colors and interesting patterns, even the most discriminating shopper will find the perfect wrap accesory to transition their look from the beach to the classroom.

Embellished Flip-Flops

Though sandals are a common sight in Miami classrooms and beaches, students still covet them.  More popular than ever, embellished flip-flops are sashaying their way through campus.  Taking inspiration from Tory Burch’s popular sandals, trendy undergraduates have stylized their own versions.  Ranging from unique creations of rhinestone adornments, to fashionable store-bought looks, these upgraded flip-flops are a step up from your old Havaianas.