A look at parking and transportation at the ‘U’

THE WHEELS ON THE BUS: The Hurry ‘Cane Shuttle makes its way along Dickinson Drive, taking students around campus and closer to their classes. BRITTNEY BOMNIN // PHOTO EDITOR

In the beginning of the 2008-2009 academic year a new rule was implemented for first-year residents.

“No first-year residents are allowed to park their vehicles on campus nor will a parking permit be sold to them,” Parking Associate in Customer Service Jacqueline LaFarga said.

There are a few exceptions.

“The only way that first-year students can park their cars on campus is if they are commuters or transfer students that have more than 30 credits,” Director of Parking and Transportation Richard Sobaram said.

For those on campus, the university offers a shuttle service that circumnavigates the campus.

UMshuttles.com enables students to log on from a computer or their cell phone with internet connectivity and track the shuttles. This service displays the buses by GPS and estimates the time the buses get to their designated stops. The usual wait time for the Hurry ‘Canes Shuttle to come around is estimated at seven minutes.

“As a freshman, I thought not having a car was going to be a mission, but because of the university’s shuttle service, it’s allowed me to be worry and hassle-free,” sophomore Pamela Korinos said.

Zipcar is the world’s largest provider for cars at hourly rates of just $8 that includes both gas and insurance. These cars can be reserved via telephone or on the internet. The annual fee to become a Zipcar member is just $35.

“Hopefully with this service, traffic can be minimized around campus,” junior Blanca Rivera said.

For a variety of brochures and questions directed to customer service, visit the first floor of the Ponce de Leon Parking Garage where the Parking and Transportation Office is located.