University of Miami themed scooters

University of Miami themed scooters are on display at the University of Miami bookstore.

These vehicles are available through CROSSRUNNER, a power sport company. There are two models, the E50 and the C150, which run $1,699 and $1,999 respectively.

The E50 gets a top speed of 35 mph and the C150 can reach 60 mph.

Scooters are available in themes from other universities across the nation.

According to the national sales representative, Brandon Parker, the UM scooter was launched at the football spring game this year. The company also visited spring games at FSU, the University of Georgia, Auburn, the University of South Carolina, and Georgia Tech.

These scooters can be bought through the company’s website,, or by calling their number, 800-520-7222.

“There are a lot of brands of scooters on the market and we wanted to bring something different to the market besides a different color,” Parker said. “We wanted something the customer could identify with.”