Search committee for Arts & Sciences dean announced

Today, Provost Thomas LeBlanc sent an email to the College of Arts and Sciences faculty announcing the search committee for the new dean of the school.

“We have asked that the committee identify a small set of suitable candidates for the position no later than January 1, 2010 with the expectation that the new dean will be in place on or before June 1, 2010,” LeBlanc said in this email.

The committee is headed by Isaac Prilleltensky, the dean of the School of Education. Usually the dean of another school within the university heads the search. The other members of the committee are picked to represent other areas of research.

The search committee includes:
Vince Cardinal – Chair of Theatre Arts, A & S
Doug Crawford- Professor of Marine Biology, RSMAS
John Fitzgerald – Professor of Religious Studies, A & S
Michael French – Professor of Sociology, A & S
Greg Galloway – Chair of Mathematics, A & S
Angel Kaifer – Professor of Chemistry, A & S
Laura Kohn-Wood – Associate Professor of Educational and Psychological Studies, School of Education
Maria Llabre – Professor of Psychology, A & S
Diana Lopez – Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, MSOM
Lillan Manzor – Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of Latin American Studies Program, A& S
Michael Miller – Professor of History, A & S
Mitsu Ogihara – Professor of Computer Science, A & S
Mihoko Suzuki – Professor of English, A & S
Kathryn Tosney – Chair of Biology, A & S
Jonathan West – Professor of Political Sciences, A & S