Late-night running route under consideration

In an attempt to develop a safe, late-night jogging path, the University of Miami Police Advisory Board, an SG executive committee, has issued a survey. The idea for this route was suggested by Chris Carvajal, a freshman and general member of the Police Advisory Board.

“Every time I pass by the university late at night I see plenty of people running around campus,” he said. “Why not have a safe designated area to run on at this time?”

This questionnaire comes after a failed attempt by the board to open up the track to late-night runners. However, this idea did not succeed because of athletics and budget concerns.

“The university is very data driven,” said Chris Nielsen, a senior and the chair of the advisory board. “So we decided to create a research survey.”

A new possibility is having a route around the lake, possibly with three security checkpoints for late-night running. Also, running groups could be developed. These options would be available for three nights a week on a trial basis.

The board will meet with John Pepper, UMPD’s crime prevention coordinator, to discuss the survey results on Monday.

The surveys that have been returned have been very vocal, but not a large amount of people have returned them, according to Neilsen. Some of the responses said they would rather have the hours later, from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m., instead of the proposed 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Safety has been an issue for people jogging around the school as an individual unaffiliated with the university was attacked on a Sunday morning in September of 2008. In February of the same year, a female student was attacked.

The Police Advisory Board cannot create initiatives but only suggest them to the police department at the university.

The survey has been placed in e-Veritas, Ibis News and the UM Police listserv and is available at