‘Obsessed’ awesomely bad but wholly entertaining

The funny thing about Obsessed is that it just might be the worst movie of the year, but it’s also the most enjoyable one thus far. A wholly unoriginal rehash of Fatal Attraction, Obsessed serves as a vehicle for singer-“actress” Beyoncé’s massive ego. From her glaring central location on the poster to the last shot of her face and her melodramatic song playing over the final scene, Obsessed is clearly nothing more than The Beyoncé Movie, featuring other actors no one really cares about.

That doesn’t mean that Obsessed isn’t a ton of fun to watch. Most audience members seemed to treat it as if they were watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and hooting, catcalls and amusing yelling made the film far more bearable than it would have been had the audience behaved.

The plot – if it can be called it one – is as thin as they come. An asset manager (Idris Elba) with a seemingly perfect life is stalked by a crazy woman (Ali Larter). Beyoncé is, of course, the manager’s wife, and the movie does not miss an opportunity to praise the character’s temperament or appearance. Maybe the economic recession drove a legitimate actor such as Elba to appear in the film, and actor Bruce McGill seems to be the only one in on the joke that the movie he’s in is total crap.

Beyoncé does not give a performance; rather, she preens for the camera every time she’s on screen. The most hilarious part of the film is the inevitable showdown between Beyoncé and Larter. Like the film, it’s as predictable as they come but no less entertaining. The best way to describe the fight scene, Beyoncé’s “acting,” and the film itself is to steal a phrase from VH1 – they’re all “awesomely bad.”

Rating: 1.5/4 stars