‘Caper Chronicles’ combines comic adventure and parkour

An elaborate heist scheme. A valuable medallion. A ruthless mob boss. An old foe and a vengeful villain.

These elements may seem like they came from the next James Bond blockbuster, but Caper Chronicles: Lot 129, is really a short film written, directed and produced by a group of University of Miami students that is technically for a grade.

The idea for Caper Chronicles began last year when senior Stephen Interrante began training in parkour. Similar to freerunning, parkour is the art of moving through an environment as quickly as possible while using objects and architecture to create obstacles. Inspired by the action, he wrote a short film called Caper Chronicles: Pros and Cons, which features characters using parkour to escape sticky situations.

Lot 129, the eighth part in what will hopefully become a 12-part series, incorporates some of the same characters from Pros and Cons. The story basically mixes the parkour action elements with a comic book-like adventure plot.

“The parkour is very interesting to watch because…there’s no tricks to it,” said Interrante who wrote, produced and acted in the film. “It’s exciting because it’s very realistic. Everything is being done, it isn’t fake or staged.”

Cast and crew are enthusiastic about the final product, which took more than six months to complete. It required the combined efforts of 30 students, a budget of more than $6,000 and the unfaltering support of professionals at Miami Freerunning and American Parkour.

“It was very humbling for us to have so many kids have faith in us and have these professionals have faith in us,” said senior Peter Saroufim, the director and editor of the project. “We’re just students and all these professional athletes are there listening to us and excited to work for us.”

Interrante, Saroufim and other crewmembers are optimistic about the future of their story and are considering expanding it into a Web or television series.

“This film is a step out into the professional world that says, ‘This is what we’re capable of while we’re students and don’t have a lot of money, so if you put faith in us, give us more time, and more resources we can do something much, much better,'” said sophomore Andrew Bryant, a producer and assistant director for the film.

Lot 129 will be screened at the Cosford Cinema on Monday, April 27, at 10 p.m. in a one-hour event which will include an exclusive performance by Miami Freerunning and behind-the-scenes documentary footage from the making of the film.


What: Caper Chronicles: Lot 129

When: April 27, 10 to 11 p.m

Where: Cosford Cinema

Cost: Free to the public